Since 1997 I have been in the business of making.  I started working for a small local gift-ware company where is was normal to wear many hats.  In the beginning, my focus was working with clients on corporate custom gifts flowing as closely as possible to their requirements but within the possibilities of the manufacturing process.  I happen to join the company at, what you might say was, the perfect time.  The decision was just being made to take the leap into digital manufacturing... we were about to enter the world of CNC.   Marrying this new technology with old school mold making and finishing processes was an amazing experience.  

In 2008 I left that to start my own company building CNC ready models for the sign making and jewelry industry called "4m3D digital models for CNC".  Taking this leap tested my ability to work closely with customers that knew what they need from a model to fit into their manufacturing workflow. During this time I worked with all sorts of businesses in many different industries that had CNC machines in their shops.   A few of my customers need tutoring help with their in-house modeling software and I had an opportunity to pass on some of my modeling and manufacturing knowledge.

Sometime around 2012 I had an idea to start a "spear time" business called CNCminiProjects.  It grew very slowly but ended up creeping into my work week and taking time away from 4m3D.  Lucky for me, Vectric (the makers of Aspire, Vcarve Pro and other CNC software) noticed what I was doing and wanted to chat.  Needless to say, CNCminiProjects is now called Design and Make (a Vectric company) and I work full time for them.

TBmakes.com is my place to take a lot of what I learned in the past and turn it into a hobby.   A place to share projects, builds and my experience making things I want to... and along the way hope to inspire others to make! 


My Day Job

Currently I am the Product Development Manager for a new Vectric company called Design and Make.

This new offering is built on a side project I started back in 2013 called CNCminiProject.

Vectric, the makers of Aspire and VCarve Pro, liked what they saw, its potential and it was a chance in a lifetime for me so I took it!

Kind words from past customers and friends

James Booth - President – Vector Art 3D, Inc - www.vectorart3d.com

"4M3D are one of a select group of companies we use to create models for our website and customers. They always provide prompt (reasonable) quotes, great quality and precise delivery deadlines which enables us to provide the same to our customers."

 Richard Davies - Bromsgrove Design - www.bromsgrove.ca

"Todd Bailey of 4M3D Creative Design has undertaken a number complicated projects for me, translating two dimensional images into detailed three dimensional files. He has done this in creative and timely manner. I unreservedly recommend him."

Mike Limb - Owner - Limb Jewelers

"Todd has always come through with exactly what I need when I need it. It seems like I always need things in a hurry and he has never let me down. I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the work he does and the timely manner in which he does it. Thanks for all your help!"  

Marc Alonso - Owner - Acts Jewelry Online - www.actsjewelry.com

"Todd Bailey and 4m3D have been a great asset to our Company its like having an extra set of hands and the Service is second to none!" 

Mark Magee - Owner - Magee Jewellers - www.mageejewellers.ca

"Your designs have been amazing and I have sincerely enjoyed working with you. You have a great talent and I look forward to working with you in the future." 

Mark Stephens - Owner - www.windwarddesigngroup.ca

"Offering a large range of services means that I must out-source some requirements. Especially very specialized services.

I have usually found this to be a lengthy exercise of networking, research, feeling out personalities, and separating out the actual ability from the promises made. It also can be a very pleasant exercise.

I discovered Todd through word of mouth and found him to be very approachable, modestly gracious, honest and fair-minded. Was it possible that he would be skilled as well!

I quickly found out that Todd excels at his craft, takes the initiative when surmounting obstacles, and delivers outstanding results. Todd is the kind of person one can give a project to, negotiate a deadline, and pretty much put it out of mind, fully confident that the work will show up on time and exceed expectations where workmanship is concerned.

Need I say more."   

MJW, Washington DC

"4m3D is a critical member of our team that we heavily rely on. As all small business owners know, it's very hard to develop relationships that directly contribute to your bottom line. 4m3d, from the first day, has been a partner of this company by providing beautiful craftmanship, aggressive customer service, and a "can do" attitude - it has been this type of service that has contributed to our success. It would be very hard to replace 4m3d!!!."


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